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Home Rental Information

Be sure to inform your tenants of these common compliance problems:


  • Trash cans must be stored out-of-sight from the street. If you wish, you may build an enclosure to store the trash cans. If you decide to do this, please contact the Architectural Review Committee through website menu item Exterior Modifications and Additions Form for approval of the structure design.

  • The yards should be well-maintained, weeds removed, and kept free of clutter.

  • Vehicles cannot be parked on any unpaved portion of the lot.

The following is from the Cliff Rose Homeowners Association Rules & Regulations.

Rental/Lease of Homes:

a) Terms: The home and its lot must be leased together, in their entirety, and cannot be subleased.

b) Reporting to the Association: Owners must inform the Board by written notice to the Secretary of the Association whenever they lease/rent their home. This written notice must be accompanied by a confirmation that the lessee/renter is informed of and has been provided a hard copy of the current Rules and Regulations [see c) and d) below]. These actions shall be complied with no later than the commencement of the lease. The name and phone number of the lessee/renter must also be supplied.

c) Informing the Lessee/Renter: It is the owner's (not the Association's) responsibility to make sure the lessee/renter understands that all matters regarding maintenance and repair of the home are to be handled with the owner and not the Association.

d) Providing Hard Copy of the R&R: It is the owner's responsibility to supply a copy of these Rules and Regulations  to the lessee/renter, and the owner is to ensure that the renter and occupants comply with the provisions of such documents.

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