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Cliff Rose Activity Calendar

If you know any new residents who would like to meet Cliff Rose neighbors and/or join our activities, you might want to take them to a Cliff Rose breakfast (see below). Membership in some of these activities may already be filled. If so, new neighbors can ask to be put on a waiting list.



Time of Day

Contact Phone

Board Meeting

3rd Thursday

2:30 pm

Charlotte Anthony (928) 420-6640

Bridge Club

1st & 3rd Friday

1:00 pm

Nancy Brown 778-0916

Bunco 1

4th Monday

1:00 pm


Bunco 2

4th Thursday

1:00 pm

Barbara Charlesworth 776-9702

Dominos 2

3rd Tuesday

1:00 pm

Kasey Hayne 776-0680

Hiking Spring/Summer

Thursdays May 1 - Oct. 1

7:00 am

Shari Badertsher 608-293-1902 

Hiking Fall/Winter

Thursdays Oct 2 - April 30

8:00 am

Karen Hodge 719-698-3816 

Men's Poker

Alternate Wednesdays

6:30 pm


Quilting Group

3rd Wednesday

9:30 am

Mary Scherer 445-4217

Women's Breakfast

2nd Tuesday

8:30 am

Nancy Brown 778-0916

Women's Poker

Alternate Wednesdays

*6:00 pm


*(will change to 10:00 a.m. at some point in the future)

Please contact Charlotte Anthony (928) 420-6640, or email to make changes.

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