Exterior Modifications and Additions Approval Request

This form must be accompanied by a plan showing the location of the proposed work as it relates to the home and adjacent streets. For improvements constructed offsite, such as sheds, fencing, and other pre-fabricated structures, shop drawings and/or manufacturer's informational brochures must be included. Samples of materials may be required if additional information is deemed necessary for approval.

If you prefer to work offline, a copy of the approval form can be downloaded for manual completion, and mailed or emailed directly to the Architectural Review Committee Chairman, CliffRoseARC@gmail.com, Cliff Rose HOA, PO Box 10000, Prescott, AZ  86304, with all supporting material.

Do you need help or have a question regarding the Cliff Rose HOA?  Contact HOAMCO  - PO Box 10000 - Prescott, AZ  86304

or Ashley Beumer at (928) 778-2293, ext. 1134

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