Exterior Modifications and Additions Approval Request

This form must be accompanied by a plan showing the location of the proposed work as it relates to the home and adjacent streets. For improvements constructed offsite, such as sheds, fencing, and other pre-fabricated structures, shop drawings and/or manufacturer's informational brochures must be included. Samples of materials may be required if additional information is deemed necessary for approval.

If you prefer to work offline, a copy of the approval form can be downloaded for manual completion, and mailed or emailed directly to the Architectural Review Committee Chairman, CliffRoseARC@gmail.com, Cliff Rose HOA, PO Box 10831, Prescott, AZ  86304, with all supporting material.

Please allow the ARC Committee up to 30 days to respond to all requests.

Do you need help or have a question regarding the Homeowners Association?  Cliff Rose HOA - PO Box 10831 - Prescott, AZ  86304

or email us at contactcliffrose@gmail.com

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