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Libby Zwilling, Board President

Libby Zwilling has served on several HOA boards. In the San Jose Neighborhood HOA, California, Libby served as secretary, social director, vice president and president. In Fountain Hills, Arizona, she served as a neighborhood representative and board secretary. Libby is a full time resident and has lived in Cliff Rose for five years. She has served as Cliff Rose board secretary. In her career Libby was a secretary. She believes her extensive experience will contribute to the success of Cliff Rose.

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Donna Whitmore, Board Vice President

Donna Whitmore lived in a community with an HOA for thirteen years prior to moving to Cliff Rose. She served on her community HOA board for eight years. The last position she held was as board president. Her professional career includes experience in real estate, property management, working with inspections, landscaping and vendor relations. She has also worked on rewriting and updating rules and regulations. Donna understands the work it takes to keep the value of the community up and the residents feeling heard. She is new to Cliff Rose and is a full time resident.

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Dave Clark, Board Treasurer   

David Clark has been a member of several HOAs and is committed to adhering to all CC&Rs, along with supporting decisions made by the boards with those communities. This will be David’s first time serving on an HOA board of directors. He has served on several decision-making committees with his employer prior to retiring in 2019. David’s career included 25 years of managing and leading employees, including managing budgets and goals. He sold distributorships to individuals, ensuring contractual obligations and compliance. He is a full time resident and has lived in Cliff Rose for one year. 


David believes a successful community is a team effort. He would like to serve by ensuring communication, understanding and compliance between the board and community continues, and do what he can to help.


Bill Krauss, Architectural Review Committee 

My wife Stephanie and I moved to Cliff Rose in September 2020, and we're happy to call Cliff Rose home. I was raised in New Jersey and before coming to Arizona I lived in New York, Ohio, Vermont and California. I studied psychology at Columbia and ultimately got a degree in Music from Antioch College. 


My working career began in the music business, as a record producer and audio engineer. A freelancer for most of my life, I never had a "regular" job until I was in my 40s. Sit me down sometime and I'll give you the whole story. Now, I'm on my own again as an independent software developer. 


I acted as Treasurer and Secretary on the board of the HOA at my last home. I'm looking forward to serving my new neighbors and hope to get to know many of you personally.

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Dale Gustafson, Maintenance Director

Dale Gustafson has served on multiple boards for youth sports programs and adult social organizations.  He served as president of the Argentine Tango Club. He served in the U.S. Navy as a non-commissioned petty officer supervising junior sailors. Dale works well in group settings, communicates well and is able to compromise. He believes his experience and strengths can serve Cliff Rose well. Dale is new to Cliff Rose and is a full time resident. 


Patrick Swafford joins the board and brings his experience serving on his HOA in Happy Jack where he was involved in bringing water to the area.  He helped manage grants and worked with Coconino County public works to complete the project.


He is an Arizona native and lives in Cliff Rose the majority of the year.

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Jody Clark, Quail Trail Editor

Jody is a Cliff Rose homeowner and enjoys the friendly neighborhood.  She is an educator in the Humboldt Unified School District and works with students with Special Needs.  She enjoys an active lifestyle in the Prescott area including fishing, kayaking, RVing, gardening and enjoying Prescott hometown activities.  She volunteers at the Prescott Valley Library.  She is married to Dave, a Cliff Rose board member.  Taking on the Quail Trail is a big job that has been done so well over the years but she is looking forward to the challenge. 


Catherine Craig, Webmaster

An Arizona native by birth, I lived in Phoenix until I was accepted at Vassar College to pursue a degree in the arts. I then transferred to the University of Arizona where I achieved a bachelor’s degree in Management Information Systems (Business Computer Technology). I was recruited by Chevron Information Technology Corporation (CITC) and worked in Northern California where I met my husband, Robert Sledge, while he was stationed at Travis AFB. I have worked in computer technology as a Programmer and Systems Support Analyst for companies like Bank of America, GreenPoint Credit, as well as San Diego Gas and Electric.


HOAMCO Manager, Cliff Rose HOA

Lynessa Allen   (928) 776-4479 ext. 1106

I moved to Arizona in 2019 and have never been happier. I have been with HOAMCO since 2019 and am proud to work with such an amazing group that works together to build strong communities. In my spare time I enjoy hiking, gardening, and taking my two dogs, Sadie and Smokey on fun camping adventures. 

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Cliff Rose Secretary 

Awaiting Volunteer

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Social Director

Awaiting bio

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