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Real Estate Information

Statistics for Cliff Rose from 11-2022 to 4-2022

Homes Sold #21                 (Currently: 1 active listing and 6 pending sales)

Average Price $500,000

Lowest Price $352,500

Highest Price $799,000

Average Days on the Market: 26 days

It is a strong Sellers market currently


Covid Precautions for Open houses for Sellers and Buyers 

   -Visitors to wear masks (agents can provide disposable)

   -Post signs that masks are required & do not enter if feeling ill

   -Limit visitors to 1 party at a time

   -All visitors sign in with names and contact information

   -Sanitize all surfaces that were touched by visitors when finished

Value of Staging:

Staging a home can start at $500 and go as high as $5,500 with most spending between $1600 and $2400. Pricing will vary depending on the level of service you want. For instance, if your home is vacant, you can choose to stage the main rooms and master bedroom. Staging a home gives the potential buyers the vision of how a room can be furnished and they can easily compare the furniture they own to the furnished spaces.


How to make your home more sell-able:

#1 De-clutter and pack away unnecessary items to showcase more storage, example kitchen cabinets and closets. Buyers will peek in these places.

#2 Hire a professional house cleaning company so your home sparkles.

#3 Make every effort to accommodate appointments for showings and open houses.

#4 Clean up yard debris, weeds and landscaping overgrowth.

#5 Take pets out of the home for showings.

#6 Brighten up entry area because first impressions are important, new welcome mats and potted plants.

#7 Paint interior walls neutral colors. Paint exterior of home if needed.

#8 Get rid of smells, Clean carpets or replace if needed. 

#9 Remove personal items on refrigerators, counter tops and dressers.

#10 Keep all lights on in every room/space even in daytime.

Contributed By Cliff Rose Home Owner and Resident:

  Chris Lewis, Realtor, 928-925-9947

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